Rap music and moral norms

Humans around the world use narrative art as storage of information about local moral norms which coordinate their social living, and also as a tool to criticize and transgress them. However, scientific literature often mentions narrative art rather as a side note that is sketched and not developed in-depth. To further our understanding, Horský developed an interdisciplinary and integrative account of the role of narrative art in the acquisition of moral information.

13 Oct 2022

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In the first part of the paper, Horský claims that narrative art plays an important role in shaping the moral outlook of its recipients. In the second part of this paper, he analyzes American rap music as a case study of one contemporary type of narrative art. Horský argues that rap music, due to its massive popularity, repeated consumption, and harnessing of the influence of several transmission biases, constitutes an especially fruitful object for the study of the cultural transmission of value systems through narrative art forms.


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