Radim Chvaja

I am interested in motion and coordination during rituals.

I finished my master’s degree in philosophy in 2018 and currently I am doctoral student at the Department for the Study of Religions. In my diploma thesis I dealt with theory of cultural evolution while now, under the supervision of dr. Martin Lang, I study how motion, namely interpersonal coordination, during rituals helps create and maintain inter-group and even between-group cooperation. In this moment I am working on the theoretical work about cultural evolution on the one hand and on experimental study which investigates motor synchrony and moral judgements on the other hand.

My publications

Chvaja, R. & Řezníček. D. (2019). An Integrative Framework of Commitment Displays in Religious Systems. Human Ethology, 34, 41-52. https://doi.org/ 10.22330/he/34/041-052