Dan Řezníček

I study how learning biases enable the spread of intergroup aggression.

I am interested in the spread of aggressive behavior toward out-groups during intergroup conflict. I focus especially on the role of credibility enhancing displays (CREDs) and prestige bias. Using experimental economic games, I try to explain how parochially altruistic aggression against out-groups spreads among in-groups, a process religion may further facilitate.

My publications

Řezníček, D. & Kundt, R. (2020). Violent CRED s toward out-groups increase trustworthiness: Preliminary experimental evidenceJournal of Cognition and Culture, 20(3-4), 262-281. https://doi.org/10.1163/15685373-12340084

Chvaja, R. & Řezníček. D. (2019). An Integrative Framework of Commitment Displays in Religious Systems. Human Ethology, 34, 41-52. https://doi.org/ 10.22330/he/34/041-052

Řezníček, D. (2016). Islámský stát a popravy stětím: Diskurzivní analýza vybraných částí časopisu Dabiq. Sacra, 14(1), 7–27.

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