Research Section

LEVYNA is an interdisciplinary centre funded by the European structural funds and the Government budget of the Czech republic. It is the only institution in the world exclusively dedicated to the experimental study of religion. Combining methods and expertise from the Humanities and the Sciences, LEVYNA brings together researchers with backgrounds as diverse as Religious Studies, Anthropology, History, Psychology, and Neuroscience, who work collaboratively to investigate religious belief and behaviour. It aims to train young scholars in employing scientific methods in the study of religion, and to produce high quality research on religion through cross-disciplinary collaboration, methodological integration and innovation. 

Such research takes place both in a laboratory setting, which allows for methodological rigour and control, and in a real-life field setting, which ensures relevance and methodological flexibility. Teamwork is a key aspect at LEVYNA. Several groups of scholars with complementary expertise engage in research involving themes such as prosociality, embodiment, agency, and emotion. In addition, our researchers have the opportunity to connect with the leading scholars in the field, through our international partnerships, our international lecture series, our board of renowned advisors, and our presence at international conferences and scientific gatherings.


 Levyna team